Clarity, Confidence & Peace of Mind

The new voice of an independent wealth management firm.

About The Client

Wealth Legacy Institute is a nationally recognized independent wealth management firm in Denver, CO. They offer an integrated, principle-centered, values-based approach to wealth management. WLI is committed to helping clients reach their financial goals.

My Role

I was hired by WLI to re-imagine their brand. We worked to slim down their website and let loose a fresh look. In addition, we developed a global design language resulting in an updated brand that appeals to modern times, while staying true to the company’s roots.

A Fresh Start

We developed an approach aimed to tone down the meat of the site to a few digestible pages. We built a blog system, and staged the content we removed for future articles. This allowed WLI to keep their blog from getting stale.

Simplicity is Simple.

Our design approach explored an open, approachable layout anchored by a professional and confidant palette.

A Quick Overview

Because we stripped out so much, we were able to give each page a refined look and feel. We allowed viewers to quickly connect with the story of the company.

Advice to go

We designed the site to be responsive from desktop down to mobile. We wanted new visitors, and loyal blog readers, to have a tailored experience wherever they were.

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For Print

We evolved our new design language into print documentation. Then we developed a style guide for future use.

"We Found Our Voice"

This case study has come to an end!

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