Sprint to the Finish

Ready. Set. Thrive.

About the project

ThrivePass offers health perks to active employees for any company that signs up for the service. We created a simple mobile application that allows users to log their activities within the platform. Perks are calculated and delivered based on frequency of activity logging.

My role

I was hired by ThrivePass to help them quickly develop a first cut of their mobile application, with a design system extendable enough to support new functionality as learnings progressed.

The Groundwork

Our goal in releasing the product was to move as quickly as possible to begin testing our assumptions. We mapped out a very basic user flow and organized activity commonalities from the existing desktop experience.

By mapping out commonalities and flows up front, we were able to break down the interface items into components and begin designing a system.


Half a week after kicking off the project, we had a functioning prototype. The prototype was designed to explore each activity flow. The ability to log workouts and measurements was available on the existing desktop app. We then added the ability to track workouts through “verified check ins” to the mobile experience. We then explored all the edge cases of the new and existing functionality.

Click around below to view the prototype.

Allowing users to add a new location to the existing database started out as a big deal to us. Ultimately though, we decided to pull it from the first version of the app.

Design Decisions

We worked toward two design variations of the ThrivePass app. For both, we chose to embrace Google Material Design patterns, as this system translates well across IOS and Android operating systems.

Meaningful color

We developed a simple guide incorporating the use of color allowing users to quickly understand which elements were important and why.


We didn’t want the design of the app to suffer as a result of our ambitious timeline. It was important that the app still feel polished and friendly, even as a version 1.0.

In response to this, we created a simple set of icons to help bring the design to life and compliment our color system.

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