Sketch After Sketch After...

Designing the face of a bike company

About the project

Mianzi started as a bamboo bike company focused on clean production of their products. As they evolved, they moved toward production of sustainable bike frames at an affordable price. They required a new face for their company. This project has a special place in my heart, as it required a lot of effort to get the logo just right.

My role

The word mianzi translates to “face” and “bamboo”. I was tasked with designing a mark that communicated the name of the company as it related to their mission.

Narrowing it down

Working closely together, we reviewed many initial options. Finding the right balance of community, humanity and great products was critical.

The Solution

We arrived at a mark that communicated unity and strength through recognizable cycling imagery.

One for three.

Along with unity, we wanted to communicate the company’s promise to donate one bike to charity for every three sold. This was particularly challenging. Both Mianzi and I felt great about where we landed.

“Thank you for bringing our company to life!”

This case study has come to an end!

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