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About Us

FasCat Coaching is a cycling coaching company helping cyclistsimprove their performance. Founded in 2002 by Frank Overton, FasCat is based on ten successful years of racing and training, sport science and frequent communication between the coach and the athlete.

All the Coaches at FasCat have been hand selected by Frank Overton and are part of a collaborative coaching environment at the FasCat Performance Center. In other words, we work as a team & draw on each other’s experience. Additionally, FasCat Coaches stand apart from the rest based on four criteria:

1. Level 2 USA Cycling Certified Coaches or higher

2. Category 2/Semi-Pro Racer or higher

3. Professional career coaches where coaching is our # 1 focus.

4. Extensive experience training & racing and coaching athletes with powermeters

Steps to getting started

We start with your FasCat Questionnaire, and an initial conversation (and ongoing dialogue) about what you’d like to achieve. If you have any previous power data, we’ll go thru that with a fine tooth comb. After talking about your schedule, we design your training program from scratch every four weeks. Then we’ll proceed with a wattage based Field Test (if appropriate) to determine your power at threshold and begin your power based training.

If you’d like to request a new athlete questionnaire or talk with one of our coaches please give us a call (720.406.7444) an email or if you are in Colorado stop by our Performance Center in North Boulder.

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