A Total Overhaul

Reimagining the way people monitor.

About the project

Evercheck offers license verification services. They help companies stay ahead with an industry leading platform. We enhanced the way people interacted with their service as a whole: from the first time people viewed their marketing site, to the interaction and design of the mobile and desktop experience.

My Role

I worked with Evercheck to design their first mobile application offering. I then set out to completely re-design the desktop experience, starting with wireframes and working all the way through the marketing site.

The challenge

Some examples of the desktop experience before we started.

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Before the update, the desktop app had a great functionality base. It was clear, however that there was a need for some re-organization. Over time, the user interface had outgrown its initial design system.

Room for all

Our first step was to design a solution that would accommodate an ever-growing site structure. We started by identifying major buckets of functionality. We then added supporting sub-navigation layouts. Each layout was mapped to a variable page system so that they could be infinitely extendable.

Reusable Components

After exploring navigation, we identified components of the interface and applied the same extendable thinking. We designed a robust table that allowed for optional functionality based on requirements. We built a color coordinated system for different license types including a way to organize status indications and form elements. All of these elements were key to the functionality of any page.

Putting it all Together

With our layout and components assembled, we explored a light and approachable design palette. We made use of existing brand elements so the new layout would feel familiar to existing users. From there, like painting a house, we applied the design to each page of the application working from our wireframe blueprints.

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UI Guide

A simple UI guide was produced to illustrate color and type hierarchy.

The App

The Evercheck mobile app was designed to act as an extension of the full desktop offering, with an emphasis on reports and messages.

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Who Said Software Isn’t Any Fun?

We were tasked with the goal of giving the marketing website a unique personality. To accomplish this, I created three illustration styles, designed to work together to create an overarching feeling of positivity in the offering.


We sprinkled the illustrations throughout the site alongside screenshots of the new product. We built the overview pages with a narrow column layout for optimal readability.

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