Timing is

A new look for a trusted company

About the project

Chronotrack offers industry trusted race timing tools. They offer cutting edge software with live tracking capabilities. Chronotrack was a great project to be a part of. They communicated excellence through fun and energetic messaging.

My role

I worked with a local agency to redesign the Chronotrack website. They were seeking a modern design that would help their product shine.

A Blueprint for Success

We built custom graphics for Chronotrack designed to illustrate the company’s utilization of technology to form success.

The Next Generation Race Platform

We created messaging that was confidant and exciting. We wanted users to feel energized and empowered while learning about the company.

Overview Pages

Because the company had so much to offer, we designed a system of sub pages, created to display a wide range of information.

Cutting Edge Technology

We needed to build a site that was as tech savvy as the company itself. The site boasts a wide array of widgets and product highlighting functionality. By the final day of development, we felt we had delivered a site that was true to the Chronotrack brand.

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